Things To Do

A Walk Around Cabbagetown

Steve Benjamins

You’ll want to come back for Halloween, when the streets are packed with trick-or-treaters.

Breakfast at the Paintbox Catering & Bistro.

Once you cross Gerrard St. E., you’re in Cabbagetown. Stroll along random streets to admire the architecture.

little network of streets east of Sumach St., including Spruce St., Geneva Ave. and Sword St.

Grab a generously filled sandwich at St. James Town Butcher and Deli and if you want something more sit-down substantial.

As well as documenting Lena’s final weeks of pregnancy and birth, taking part in the Nenets’ traditional winter migration with their reindeer is one of the primary reasons for my visit during this time of year. But, because of the unseasonable weather conditions, the tundra has not been ready for us to make the trip. We’ve been waiting for over thirty days for enough consistent freeze and snowfall to make the migration route possible.

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