Hiring Toronto Creators

We're hiring freelance creators to tell Toronto stories.

Village tells stories about the hidden gems, restaurants, events and local makers that make Toronto great.

We publish visual stories. You can think of them as Snapchat or Instagram stories— but in your browser. They are full-screen, tappable and made up of vertical photos and videos. They're best experienced on mobile.

Here are two example stories:

What We're Looking For

We've built an easy to use CMS to create these stories. You would use our CMS to tell Toronto stories.

You should be comfortable taking photos and videos. We're not too concerned with what camera you use— you could use your phone or a DSLR— instead we're looking for someone who can tell interesting stories visually.

Story subjects should showcase something interesting in (or around) Toronto that Torontonians might not yet be aware of. For example:

  • Coffee Lab is Toronto's tiniest coffee shop.
  • The Tool Library let's you borrow tools for renovations, gardening and more.
  • Flexday unlocks unusual places (like restaurants and patios) for coworking.
  • Zawadi Farm is backyard farm in Etobicoke.

Think of yourself as a tour guide for Toronto!

What We Pay

We're not BlogTO.

We're looking for quality not quantity.


How To Apply

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