Known as a family-friendly neighbourhood, Leslieville feels like a village within Toronto— there's cozy houses, quaint stores, and tree lined streets. It can be surprisingly serene and peaceful considering Leslieville's close proximity to downtown Toronto.

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Above: Non-descript building on the south-west corner of Queen and Larchmount Ave. If you look closely on the left-hand side of the building, just right of the oncoming streetcar, you can see the remnants of a pastel-pink street art mural that was recently painted over.

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Above: Man taking a nap on a folding chair outside against a pole on the west corner of Boulton Ave and Cummings St.

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Above: Street art placed inside Pattison ad space on Broadview just north of Queen St.

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Above: Fire escape on the back of a building on the north side of Woodgreen Place, just south of Queen St.

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Above: Old Porsche in June Callwood Way.

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Above: Houses on Kintyre Ave, between Hamilton St. and Broadview Ave.

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Above: Old neighbourhood store that's been converted into a home at the corner of Cummings St. and Boulton Ave.

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Above: Old storefront converted into a house on Queen St, next to The Ceili Cottage. They also hand painted their address on the front of the building.

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Above: Parked streetcars at the TTC Russell Carhouse.

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Above: Ashbridge Estate.

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Above: Cyclist riding west on Queen St. E.

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Above: Entrance to a concept shop on Woodfield Rd just south of Queen St in one of Toronto's centenary buildings.

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Above: Man fixing van at Salim's Auto Repair.

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Above: Child's toys in a front lawn near the corner of Queen and Craven Rd.

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Above: Spray painted door in an alley.

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Above: A man standing at a bus stop in front of a pastel building on Coxwell Ave.

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Above: Morden and sleek square house on Coxwell Ave.

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Above: Mural on the side of Flying Pony on Rhodes Ave.

Story & Photos by Addae Nurse · Published September 6 2018