The Best 37 Toronto Breweries

Whether you’re looking for a light, refreshing lager or a dark, robust stout, you’re sure to find something to please your palate at Toronto's many breweries.

Written by Calvin Johnston • Published on Dec 9 2022

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Toronto is home to a diverse selection of breweries, from neighbourhood breweries to industrial-scale facilities. Some of the most popular breweries in the city include Bellwoods Brewery, Amsterdam Brewery, Henderson Brewing Co., Indie Alehouse, and Left Field Brewery. Each brewery offers unique craft beers, delicious snacks, and a cozy atmosphere.

Whether you’re looking for a light, refreshing lager or a dark, robust stout, you’re sure to find something to please your palate at Toronto’s many breweries!

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The List! (Random Order)

Steam Whistle

The Steam Whistle Bar and Taproom represents history in downtown Toronto. What began as an idea for beer, has flourished into a successful brewery, event venue and brand.

Beaches Brewing Company

Carl Pratt is the owner and operator who created this laid back, vacation vibed brewery. They have a full menu as well as a retail shop to purchase their beer and branded gear.

Amsterdam Brewhouse

This is one of two locations representing the Amsterdam Brewhouse, known as the brewery on the lake. A full menu, unique brews and nice views from the outdoor seating make this a popular brewery.

Amsterdam Brewery

This Amsterdam Brewery is one of two locations, and known as the Barrel House Brewery in the neighborhood of Leaside. While the other location is right on the lake, this one is known for its eclectic neighborhood vibe.

3 Brewers Yonge and Dundas

This brewery offers a full-dining experience in addition to visitor tours and special event hosting. Beer and food combinations are part of the service provided to those that stop into the industrial pub for a meal.

Northern Maverick Brewing Co

The Northern Maverick Brewing Co prides itself on local beer concoctions and a menu that also sources locally. Diners have indoor and outdoor seating options and their retail store is also nearby to grab brews to go.

Junction Craft Brewing

The Junction Craft Brewing company serves Toronto both in house as well as through delivery orders. They have been expanding since 2011 and offer a variety of lagers and seltzers.

Bellwoods Brewery

Bellwoods Brewery specializes in brews that have different flavors of coffee throughout. The concoctions are fun and experimental, buyers can give them a try at the pub restaurant or purchase boxes for at home.

Eastbound Brewing Company

A smaller brewery known for their extensive food menu and lagers that are sourced locally with a focus on quality. The Eastbound Brewing Company can also be reserved for special events and offer their own weekly events in house.

Henderson Brewing

Henderson Brewing has a large selection of brews and ales that are unique, but not too unique for those that are more reserved with their beers. Their brews can be purchased online and delivered at home for free.

Burdock Brewery

Located in downtown Toronto, the Burdock Brewery has fun brews and pub style food. They also have live music and an outside patio that has made the brewery a popular spot to unwind.

Rorschach Brewing Co.

Ales, Lagers, Stouts and Seltzers are all listed on the Rorschach Brewing Menu. A cold beer combined with one of their specialty pizzas makes for a laid back dining experience.

Indie Ale House

The Indie Ale House first served the Toronto area in 2012. Since then, the small brewery featuring craft beer has flourished into a favorite for both their brews and food options.

Left Field Brewery

As the name implies, this is a baseball themed brewery with each brew named after something related to the sport. Customers can stop in to purchase one of their ipas, hard seltzers or unique ales or have it delivered instead.

Kensington Brewing Company

A small scale craft brewing company with an eclectic vibe in downtown Toronto. They focus on experimental brews that dabble in a variety of different flavors and even have seasonal options like a Peppermint Stout.

Blood Brothers Brewing

Blood Brothers Brewing features a tap room, an online shop and options for wholesale as well. The restaurant prides itself on comfort food that goes great with a stout, enjoyed inside the restaurant or out on their patio.

The Granite Brewery & Tied House

The Granite Brewery and Tied House is a family-owned business that opened in 1991 and has been a part of Toronto ever since. Aside from craft beer, they also have a full menu and often host weddings and private events.

Halo Brewery

The Halo Brewery is a small, colorful eclectic brewery located in what’s known as the Junction Triangle. Callum Hay is the owner and brew master behind the company that has a bottle shop, tasting room and light menu options for guests.

Radical Road Brewing Co.

This brewing company features a tropical vibe to their brews, menus and overall brand. They have an outdoor patio, caribbean style food and even a food/brew truck that can be booked for private events.

Muddy York Brewing

Muddy York Brewing has become a staple in Toronto with some award winning brews. Their Gaslight Helles Lager is known as one of the best, and their family-owned, welcoming vibe has earned them a great reputation.

Avling Brewery

The Avling Brewery has a bright and airy ambiance, located in Leslieville. Brews and food are all sourced locally, and they even have a 4,000 sq ft garden on their rooftop!

Black Lab Brewing

The Black Lab Brewery is an industrial style brewery that is dog-friendly, hence the name. From Black Lagers to Pale Ales, this brewery has become popular for its flavors and its vibe.

Godspeed Brewery

The Godspeed Brewery brews often reflect Czech-style lagers which reflect the interests and tastes of the owners. Same day delivery options for those nearby are available and they share a partnership offering the food of Mattachioni.

Bandit Brewery

A micro-brewery known for German inspired beers and a relaxing patio. The owners and team behind the brand have a passion for experimenting with beer and their menu shows just that. Visitors can also find a full food menu or drop into the bottle shop only.

People’s Pint Brewing Company

Sour Brews, Pumpkin Spice Ales and Stouts pack the menu of the People’s Pint Brewing in Toronto. It’s a popular spot for booking private events, dining in and the brewery even has a brewery cat in charge of keeping it rodent free.

Folly Brewing

The Folly Brewpub is a full service pub style restaurant with a brewery in house. Premium beers and rich wines set the tone for the laid back brew experience. They often host special events and offer a weekend brunch service too.

Shacklands Brewing Company

Belgian Brews are at the forefront of this industrial brewery. Customers can order brews from the bottle shop online and pickup or have it delivered directly to them. Shacklands Brewery also has a merchandise shop so customers can score some gear.

Mascot Brewery

The Mascot Brewery has two locations in Toronto, one for brewing and the other for customers to drink and dine. At the restaurant on King St is also the bottle shop, full of fun lagers and flavorful sours.

Saulter Street Brewery

You can’t miss the Saulter Street Brewery with its bright red double door entry. Doors remain open allowing for fresh air to flow through the brewery. The brews and the brand boast a 70’s vibe that’s loaded with color and forever evolving in flavors.

Collective Arts Brewing Toronto

Combining the art of craft beer and colorful art graffiti make for a truly unique experience for the typical brewery fan. The brew menu is extensive with special ciders, sours, ales and wines. Customers can get a feel for the eye-catching brewery vibe via the taproom or at the shop.

Laylow Brewery

Known as the smallest brewery in Toronto and dang proud of it. They pride themselves on an exclusive, low key in house vibe that focuses on the beer, the people and music.

Goose Island Brewhouse Toronto

The Goose Island Brewhouse is the first of its kind and located in the historical Heritage Building. A popular beer garden, and an ever changing menu of brews and seasonal food has made this a hot spot since its opening in 2017.

High Park Brewery

High Park Brewery has a fun, recreational vibe with the option of playing a little ping pong or foosball while you enjoy one of the many brewery concoctions. The Brewery is passionate about not just beer, but also about giving back to the local community as well as on a global level.

Red Tape Brewery

Created by husband and wife and inspired by the birth of their son. The brewery is a family business that has a passion for creativity in their craft beer while maintaining a welcoming, home ambiance. They even work with other professionals in the industry to spark new ideas.

Blue Moon Brewery

Located at the Stackt in Toronto is the Blue Moon Brewery. The Blue Moon beer is sold on a global level as an easy drinking wheat ale, but the Blue Moon company is not limited to just that. The experimentation continues with new craft beers within this artsy space.

Great Lakes Brewpub

The Great Lakes Brewpub is a small brewery with a large focus on sourcing only the best ingredients. This is always a top priority with their brews as well as their full dining menu. Customers can rely on popular beers being available year-round, with explorative fun brews scattered throughout.

Louis Cifer Brew Works

Located in the Greektown of Toronto, The Louis Cifer Brewery is a small brewery and pub. Delicious food and a small, but quality craft beer menu make it a popular spot to get a well-rounded brewery experience.

Everything you need to know about Toronto.

In your inbox every Saturday morning.


Everything you need to know about Toronto.

In your inbox every Saturday morning.